Communities in Schools of Lakewood is a nationally accredited affiliate of the nation’s #1 drop-out prevention program, has been serving Lakewood for 20 years!

Communities in Schools’ focus on the achievements of students and their success. Graduation is the ultimate achievement and goal of our students. We surround our students with a community of support.

Targeted case-managed supports
Site coordinators and CIS support staff met regularly with 243 students in 2016-17. Each student completed an intake interview and was assigned specific goals that aligned with their most acute needs. CIS staff engaged with students regularly to make sure they were participating in the supports described on their Student Support Plan, such as extended learning, 1:1 mentoring, 1:1 tutoring, behavior or attendance accountability, personal goal setting and accountability, AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) group tutoring,  college tours, college/career awareness activities, basic needs (food, clothing, housing) support and referrals for health-related services (counseling, medical, dental, vision).

Significant impact at Clover Park High School (CPHS)
In his key note talk at the annual CISL fundraising breakfast, CPHS principal, Tim Stults, stated “It is no coincidence that graduation rates increased by 14 percent the year that CISL launched their partnership at the school. The school also saw a 50 percent reduction in its course failure rates in 2016.”

CPHS student, Carlos Alvarez, also shared at the fundraiser that without CIS support he would not be headed to Pacific Lutheran University in the fall. As a middle school student Alvarez pledged to go to college. When he shared the news with his father, his father told him: “Carlos I cannot pay for your college. This is a journey you have to take alone,” Alvarez recounted. Devastated, Alvarez remained committed and then met site coordinator, Leah, who helped him to apply for and win an Act VI full-ride scholarship. “I want to thank you all for your impact on my journey,” he told the crowd through tears.

After-School Programs (ASP)
In 2016-17, 252 students at Lochburn, Tillicum and Four Heroes were engaged in ASPs, 6-10 hours per week. The programs included academic, enrichment and fitness activities, meal and bus ride home at no cost to parents. Students also participated in quarterly family nights and field trips that aligned with their learning. In addition, an average of 65 students per day accessed the Extended Learning Program at Clover park High School where they received tutoring and homework assistance from school and CISL staff.

Summer Learning Programs
CISL provided two dynamic summer camps for 120 students, summer school support for 80 students and a four-day college tour for 30 juniors at Clover Park High School. This was the first tour of its kind at CPHS and included colleges in Eastern Washington that were part of the Act VI scholarship program. Students participated in college-awareness activities each evening as they debriefed from the tours.