We are always amazed at the countless number of students we meet who carry within themselves a resilience that goes against all odds. These are the kids who come from broken homes & families who suffer various forms of hardship (as an example, all of our partner schools are above 90% free/reduced lunch) – and yet, often children have an innate desire to thrive, all they need is the caring support of another adult who believes in their future.

Who was that person for you? A parent? A teacher? A volunteer?

Communities In Schools of Lakewood has many opportunities for you to step into the life of a student right when they need it most & help them to nurture that resilience – empowering them to succeed, in school and in life. We offer the chance to tutor after school, assist in our after school programs, or mentor a student or group of students.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • All volunteers must pass a background check and attend the required orientation/training.
  • Mentoring
    Meet with a student once a week for 30 minutes to an hour. Must attend volunteer orientation.
  • Tutor
    Help out with Extended Learning at CPHS or Homework Club at Lochburn Middle School. Must attend volunteer orientation.
  • Job Shadows
    Allow a CPHS Senior or Junior to come shadow you at work. Must attend an interest session.
  • Lunch Pals
    Enjoy lunch with a middle school student at either Lochburn or Hudtloff Middle School
  • One time
    Join our on call list for when events become available and we need help from our community. Must attend volunteer orientation.

Volunteer Interest Form