This last school year our staff had the pleasure of working with 19 Clover Park High School seniors who were identified as needing additional support. Our work with the students revolved around building relationships, helping students feel supported in school, assisting them with setting goals to complete graduation requirements, and providing basic needs like transportation, food, clothing and school supplies. By early spring we knew that 13 of these 19 seniors were not on a clear path to graduation. So our staff went into hyper-drive. They met with these seniors weekly – often twice a week – to make sure the students were making progress with their work. Despite these efforts, even as late as the start of the last quarter a few were still in jeopardy of not graduating. But, through staff members’ diligent support and the hard work and dedication of the students, all 19 seniors supported by Communities In School of Lakewood graduated on time with 200 of their classmates. We salute those students for their achievement and our staff for their dedication to students’ success.